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8 Secret Hacks to the Perfect Office Space - Nesta Office

8 Secret Hacks to the Perfect Office Space

8 Secret Hacks to the Perfect Office Space

Struggling to be productive? Need a designated space to get work done? Selecting an office space is never easy. However, if you consider the following factors, these secret hacks to the perfect office space will ensure you create an amazing environment to maximise your workday!

Although it’s important, forget the cost for the time being. Your focus right now should be getting a work space that’s the right fit for you. What’s the point in getting a cheap office, if it doesn’t allow you to work as well as you potentially could?

It’s a mistake people regularly make. Worry about what factors will reduce your productivity, and identify how to eradicate them. When you’re in a position of maximised performance, you’ll find the cost is the least of your concern.

To get you started, check out our insider tips below. These secret hacks are obvious factors to getting work done, that nearly everyone ignores as they focus on price. It’s mind blowing how your productivity will fluctuate, depending on the environment you’re working in.

Secret Hacks to the Perfect Office Space

Fresh Air

Ever find yourself drowsy or distracted halfway through the day? One of the biggest obstacles to productivity is a stuffy environment. Keep yourself and colleagues energised and alert, with a fresh flow of air.

If you’re relying on cups of coffee throughout the day, this factor may very well be hampering what you get done. An office with a window offers natural light, a pleasant breeze during the summer and an unlimited supply of much needed fresh air. And if you’re lucky, you might even get a nice view!

If a window isn’t on the cards, a plant to oxygenate the room along with a fan should suffice.

The Right Lighting

Obvious, right? You’d be surprised just how important good lighting can affect workplace performance, yet still regularly overlooked. Particularly during winter as we face shorter days, check out these lighting hacks for productivity if you’re not convinced…

A serviced office provider will generally get the right balance, but it’s all about providing a pleasant space to work. Dim lighting can make computer screens harsh to stare at, while overly bright can similarly fatigue us.

A mix of natural and soft lighting will bring a level of consistency and calmness to the feel of your office. Don’t let such an easy thing to manage become a drain on energy during the workday.

Right Size Desk

Having huge experience in storage trends, we understand the demon to productivity that is – clutter. There can always be a tendency to get a bigger desk than you need. And although they can be great workspaces, you really need to be aware of stacking unnecessary messes right where you’re working.

A small desk can be just as frustrating. If you have to constantly rearrange your space just to complete a simple task, you’ll soon be driven mad. This decision is much more important than most people consider when organising their workspace.

Along with a small drawer for storing essentials, find a desk that allows you to work as you need, but doesn’t attract clutter. Once you can complete everything you need to without distraction, you’re onto a winner!

Strong Internet

Here’s a challenge – Get through a full day of work with a poor internet connection and try to keep your sanity intact.

It goes without saying, but internet reliability should be up around priority number one, when selecting your office space. Nowadays it’s imperative to have high speed, and consistent internet availability.

If possible, opt for an ethernet connection over wi-fi, but do have wireless capabilities for clients or quick connectivity. If a serviced office space doesn’t offer superlative internet options, you seriously need to look elsewhere.


They key to a great workplace extends beyond just the office space. You spend most of your day here, so the facilities available are important also. Get a tour before you put pen to paper and consider the following:

  • Is the kitchen clean, with full utilities at the ready?
  • Are the bathrooms maintained, stocked and monitored throughout the day?
  • Is there access to boardrooms, should I want to host a client in a professional manner?

It sounds silly, but imagine the displeasure of a client from using a dirty bathroom. Or even the frustration of dirty cups every morning as you want a coffee. A good serviced office completely alleviates these challenges you may have to manage elsewhere.

A Fitting Location

You might save by renting an office out in the sticks, but where you work can say a lot about your company. A central location with parking and access to public transport is essential in delivering the right message to clients. Even just in terms of logistics, it’s more than worth the cost.

Imagine that you were considering meeting two service providers. Are you going to visit the one that operates ten minutes outside the city, which is easy to reach and park at, or the one an hour down a motorway?

A lot of serviced office space exists in industrial estates around the city, which is ideal for most businesses. They’re known locations by clients and are accessible from anywhere in the city. Make it easy for people to know where you work and meet you as they need.


You want to be able to sleep at night without worrying who might be lurking around your workspace. Make sure your office provider has sufficient security measures in place to protect you and your company.

CCTV, coded doors and alarms will do everything within the realms of possibility to safeguard your business and prevent any unwanted intrusion.

Ideally, an office space with storage facilities is the best option to secure stock or anything you don’t need daily access to.    

Support staff

If your office space provider doesn’t have support staff constantly available to assist you, consider looking for an alternative. When something goes wrong, it’s incredibly underrated to have a helping hand always available.

If you’re internet goes down, what good is it in ringing somebody you don’t really know to fix it at some stage? Being left in the dark can take hours away from a working day and is massively frustrating.

A familiar face that you can rely on will make sure everything around the office is running smoothly, while you focus on getting the most out of your day.

Can You Improve Your Office Space?

Are there any aspects of an office that affect your day? If you’re honest with yourself, are any of these factors restricting your productivity?

If yes, you really should consider upgrading your office. At Nesta Business Centres, it’s our goal to offer you the perfect workspace. If you’re in need of an environment that’ll allow you to maximise your day, check out some of our office options.

We offer:

  • Spacious office space with natural light of varying size and cost.
  • Flexible arrangements made to suit you.
  • Fully furnished, cleaned and maintained workspaces.
  • Reliable infrastructure with high speed internet.
  • Four fantastic and accessible locations across Dublin.
  • High level security with friendly, on-site staff,
  • Storage services also available.

We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch to book a tour. We believe clients should be able to change and adapt as required.

Whether you’re a start-up, an established business or a large organisation looking for a project office, you deserve to have a great place to work with the flexibility you need. As we continue to grow, you want to help you do the same.

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