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Office Rental Perks: Stop Working from Home - Nesta Office

Office Rental Perks: Stop Working from Home

Office Rental Perks: Stop Working from Home

Struggling to be productive? Maybe you’re failing to meet goals and objectives you’ve set out?

Separating work and home life isn’t always possible, and it’s a major challenge most business owners face at some point. If you need to find a suitable place to work, here’s some office rental perks you’ve probably never considered.

If you’re developing your business or want to move to the next level, being in the right environment is imperative. There are many areas you can save money, but ensuring your working conditions meet necessary requirements isn’t something to skimp out on.

Forbes found that working from home raised many challenges, but most commonly:

  • You need to separate work from personal life;
  • You need to be self-motivated;
  • You do not have a lot of social interaction;
  • You do not have the immediate work support environment you might need;
  • Communication with others is mostly asynchronous and “faceless”.

The internet and accompanying technology we have in homes today make it easier than ever to work from a home office. But is that necessarily a good thing? Yes, you might save on a lease – but you’re also missing out on a diverse range of benefits and opportunities. Consider the following ways in how the right office space may transform your business.

Office Rental Perks:

Strengthening Your Professional Profile

We’ve all heard about a Fortune 500 company that started in a garage – but they didn’t stay there. There comes a time when every entrepreneur must accept that the kitchen table just doesn’t suffice as a suitable office anymore.

By operating from a known building or office space, it speaks on behalf of your brand. While you’re working from home, yes you can meet clients at a café, but it soon becomes apparent if you don’t have a designated workspace. Don’t let potential customers make assumptions; get a nice office space and show them that you mean business.

Networking Capabilities

As well as strengthening your business’ image, working in a shared or communal office space puts you in a much better position for networking. If stuck at home, you’ll spend many a day interacting with your dog, family member or roommate – but that’ll be it.

In contrast, an office space puts you in front of likeminded people, with an abundance of opportunities to collaborate. New business, partnerships and chances to expand will come organically, rather than cold calling from the sitting room.

Separating The Work/Home Divide

Your home is a place where you should be able to switch off and relax. Work should be the last thing on your mind as you put your feet up, cook a nice dinner or catch up with the family. If you’ve just spent the day in the house working though, this is no easy feat.

Getting out of the house is important for several reasons, including:

  • It obviously changes the environment you’d be otherwise stuck in all day. Both living and working in the same space confuses the barriers between each aspect of your day.
  • Travelling to and from work provides a structure for the day. You’re far more likely to get out of bed if you know you’ve a 20-minute journey to the office rather than walking down the stairs.
  • If your work induces stress, the home should be a safe haven to get away. Home offices bring the stress right to your doorstep.
  • It keeps the kids away from organised work spaces. Children have no sense of boundaries and will pull apart a filing cabinet to find a pen. The same hazard applies to pets!

A Purpose-Built Environment

A strong work life balance is really important to a healthy routine. Despite all your ambition, 12 hour days slogging at the kitchen table isn’t sustainable. Having a nice office space gives you a place to get through your working day, in the correct environment.

What sounds better?

A designated work space with infrastructure purpose-built for productivity. One in which you can come to and from as you need that regardless of time, is there waiting for you.

A spot in the house that you need to manage all the amenities for. Where other people uninterested in work will be present and possibly intruding you.

A rented office is literally the perfect setup for a small business. Until you have such a work space that enables you to be productivity, you’ll always be facing a glass ceiling.

Could You Be More Productive?

If you feel renting an office space can improve what you get done, you really need to make it a priority. If you’re ambitious about what you want to achieve, create an environment that strengthens your brand and business image. If you’re honest with yourself, I think you’ll agree the kitchen table won’t suffice.

Nesta Business Centres can offer exactly what you need. In fantastic locations, you can create a work space that enables you to progress and move forward. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our packages – and start your journey to securing the perfect office space.



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